(Studi Model Pembelajaran dengan Pendekatan Kekuatan Pikiran Secara Spiritual)

  • Roudlon
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Talent and potential are actually two things inherent in every person born in the world. That is, naturally, every child was born equipped with potential as a human being. The extraordinary potential of humans can at least be seen from the composition of the brain. It is said that the human brain has more than 100 billion nerve cells. It's new from the side of the brain, not yet others. A pair of human eyes, for example, turned out to be able to distinguish more than 20 million colors quickly, far from the ability of even modern digital cameras.

That fact also underlies the opinion of psychologists that basically all children are born carrying the potential of each. That means they have the same rights to get opportunities and achievements. But in fact, every child turns out to have different opportunities and achievements and it has become an undeniable fact. That fact does not mean aborting the theory of psychologists, considering the opportunities and achievements are very dependent on the child's self-development process. While the process of self-development itself is closely related to education.

Ironically, not all educational institutions present a solution to the development of the potential of all students. In fact, not a few of educational institutions justify their students as ignorant children in the midst of the educational process. In fact, the potential of a child who is justified has not been excavated maximally, just like Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the light bulb that was sentenced by his teacher as a stupid child to leave school. If this mindset is not changed, of course there will be many more students become victims just because they are considered stupid, so they cannot get further opportunities.

This is where the importance of methods and means of developing the potential of all students. And apparently, Islam has offered that method and means, namely solemn prayer. This method has been practiced by students of class XI IPA-1 MAN 1 Lamongan and proven. Solemn prayer is done just like meditation Buddhists to develop their inner potential. It is also the same as Japanese developing the power of the subconscious mind with midbrain activation. Muslim students who have been praying since childhood should have more opportunities to develop their potential because they have run the activation process from childhood. This learning method and model was developed as a form of mind power revolution with a spiritual approach. The power of the mind is expected to be the gateway in awakening the sleeping giant in every student who actually has tremendous potential, but is rarely realized.

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